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30 Day Shipping Meme - Day 21

A pairing that was/would be adorable, but could never work out?


For the most part I ship pairings based on their chemistry. If I see a couple, even if they are opposites, that has great potential and amazing chemistry, I end up shipping them. It's not about shipping them because I think the creators want them together. In fact on several occasions I like the pairing that has been set up for us only to be blown away by an unsuspected pairing that the creators didn't intend. That's just how I roll. ; )
So when I started watching The Big Bang Theory (which sadly was only this year) it's not surprising that I started to see the potential between Penny and Sheldon right away. They work very well together. It seems after the first season even the creators realized the chemistry between these two and started pairing them up more frequently in story lines. They make a great comic duo because they are always snipping away at each other and challenging each other. They are the epitome of polar opposites.
And as great as they are as frienemies, I would love to see them become a little more than just friends... I realize that will never happen... but I like that Penny is someone that is completely honest with Sheldon and goes along with his hi-jinx. She stands up to him when others wouldn't dare and even though she doesn't get his ideas and methods, for the most part she gets HIM on that basic human level that most don't. They make great friends but a part of me would like to see Sheldon, a man who has never been interested in romance begin to have feelings for Penny that can't be explained scientifically.  I think it would be adorable.

That said, I could never see a real relationship between these two EVER working for them long term. Penny could never put up with all of his ways and I just have a hard time ever picturing Sheldon in sexual relationship... which we know is important to Penny.

Sheldon would like some herbal tea and hiney ---- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE3QMFezS3k