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Ages ago (right after the Order of Phoenix book was released) I got pretty heavy into the Harry Potter fandom. I read a lot of fics... I even attempted writing some. I say 'attempted' because I never actually finished them... maybe one of these days I will...who knows, that's the joy of being a procrastinator, lol. Anyways, I came up with this huge plan of what the Weasley family would be like after the war was over. How many kids everyone would have, who would get married and who wouldn't ect.. which I planned on using in my fic.
I planned out all sorts of dates and ages and character descriptions, lol. And then never used them!

So the other day I was going through old picture CDs looking for pictures for christmas presents and came across all of my old info. It makes me sad that I put so much work into it and never shared it with anyone. So I decided I would share some of it now!

Keep in mind I came up with this after the fifth book was released so obviously its VERY AU. :)

Below are a collection of pictures I've found throughout the years on Flickr and other databases of people that visually describe my characters best.


Bill's Family

1. 2.   3. 4. 

5. 6.

1. Brad Beyer as Bill... this is what I sort of picture Bill to look like... needless to say I was severely disappointed with the movie version of Bill!
2. Giselle Bunchen (in this picture anyways) is how I picture his wife Eleanor (an OC) a brunette with brown eyes who is vibrant and full of zest and vigour. They meet during the Christmas holidays after Fleur breaks up with him and moves back to France... this is also the last Christmas before the end of the war.
3 and 4. Jeremy is their first child and with his brown hair and brown eyes he looks more like his mother.
5. Leanne is their second. She has light brown hair with red undertones... like dirty strawberry blonde. And brown eyes like her mom.
6. Theodore is their youngest and as you can see the only one that inheritted the signature Weasley hair.

Charlie's Family

1. 2.   3. 4.  


1. Damien Lewis as Charlie. I always pictured charlie as a sort of rugged guy, rough around the edges. I mean common, he works with dragons.
2. Bryce Dallas Howard as his wife Emily (an OC). She's short and kinda bubbly and has a layered deep red bob.
3. Owen is their first born and he's a little mischief maker.
4 and 5. Hannah is their last born. She's more of a timid little girl and is very soft spoken, unlike the rest of her family. Because both Charlie and Emily have red hair and blue eyes (in my mind) so do Owen and Hannah.

Percy's Family

1.  2.  3.  4.

1 and 2. Isabeli Fontana as Penelope Clearwater (Percy's wife). Percy is the first of the Weasley children to get married and then during the war Percy is killed (working at the ministry and all). Soon after his death Penny realises she's pregnant and moves into the Burrow where she becomes very close with Molly. (The one thing is I picture Penny having curly hair... I'm pretty sure that's canon)
2, 3, 4. Reese is the first of the Weasley grandchildren and since he lives with his grandparents he tends to get pretty spoiled. Reese has the Weasley red hair.

Fred's Family

1.  2. 3.  4.

1. Fred marries Angelina Johnson and they have twin girls. Their first girl is Madison who has lighter brown hair with red undertones. She gets into a lot of mischief with her sister ut is rarely the instigator... she just goes along with her sister's schemes.
2 and 3. Their second girl is Keisha who like her sister has brown hair with slight red undertones (hers is much darker though). Tegan is the cheekiest of all of their kids, she takes after her father the most.
4. Leo is their last child and he remarkabley has his fathers red hair! (I thought it might be impossible to find a picture of a mullato kid with red hair but it wasn't!)

George never marries, he has some serious girlfriends along the way but never settles down.

Ron and Hermione's Family

1.  2.  3.  4.

5. 6.   7. 8.

9. 10  11  12


1. I never really picture Ron and Hermione in the books as they are in the movies. I couldn't find a good Ron picture but this is sort of how I picture Hermione's face. That's Natalie Portman, btw.
2 and 3. Their first son Kay who is portrayed by Rupert Grint... he's kinda moody.
4,5,6. Gwen is their oldest daughter and the one one of their children that doesn't have red hair. She's fairly shy and can usually be found with her nose in a book... but she's not as studious as her mother was.
7 and 8. Rowan is the middle child and he's VERY much like his mother was when she was younger. He's very good in school, a little bossy and tends to worry a lot.
9, 10, 11, 12. Their youngest girl is Abigail. She is her father's little Princess and is very adventurous. She's also the best at Wizard's Chess.
13. The youngest is Quinton. He's a momma's boy and tends to be pretty quiet. (I love that his shirt says "failure is not an option")
This is the biggest of family of the Weasleys... I'm not sure if I would actually keep all of the kids should I ever write a fic, but I think it might be hard to cut one. Lol.

Harry and Ginny's Family

1. 2.  3.   4.

5. 6.  7.  8.

9. 10  11  12

13  14

1. Lol, Ok, this family is just as big but they had twins so I forget sometimes that they have the same number of kids as Ron and Hermione.
Anyways, this is a cute picture of a pregnant Ginny.
2,3. Rosie is their oldest. She has red hair like her mother and she's Daddy's little girl.She is portrayed in the one photo by Gemma Ward.
4, 5. Their second child is Toby, who as you can see has his father's unruley hair. I think of him like Jacob Smith from Cheaper By the Dozen.
6,7,8. This is Aiden, the first of the twins. He and his sister are very much like thier twin uncles...even more so than Fred's daughters. They are constantly getting into trouble and sometimes even team up with Fred and George to pull awesome pranks on unsuspecting family members.
9, 10, 11, 12. Tegan is the younger of the twins. Her and her brother also have Harry's unruley hair...only red.
13,14. Ben is the youngest and is the only one of them that needs glasses like his father.

Order of birth for all of the Weasley grandchildren.
Reese, Jeremy, Kay, Gwen, Rosie, Leanne, Owen, Toby, Rowan, Hannah, Madison and Keisha, Theordore, Aidan and Tegan, Abigail, Leo, Quinton, and Ben.


Well... I hope you enjoyed whatever this is. :D
Maybe one of these days i'll expand on it and actually post some of my fics.