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I honestly never really got into New Years. I've never been the partying type so I never did the whole big count down or made a big deal about making a New Years resolution. However this year I think I just might give it a try. There is something appealing about starting new... a clean slate.

This summer my husband and I each made Bucket Lists, a list of 100 things that we want to do, see or accomplish throughout our lives. It was amazing some of the things we came up with... some seem impossible now, but you never know unless you set a goal. (One of these days I will post it on here)

This year it is my goal to strike some of the things off of my list.  'Keep a New Years Resolution' being one of them... another being to 'Read 50 books in a year'. An enthusiastic goal if I'm being honest, but I goal that I believe reasonable. A book a week is WELL within my capabilities... it's just a matter of continuing that pace for the whole year. You see I tend to go through reading spurts. I will read, read, read non-stop for a month and then all of a sudden I stop and it's another 5 months before I even pick up another book... so that will be challenging.

Anyways in keeping this resolution I will also be working towards crossing off  'Read the top 100 must read books' and then after that  'The top 1001'.

To aid me in my journey my wonderful hubby got me a Moleskine Passions 'Book' Journal (which I LOVE!), a couple of awesome pens and a Chapters giftcard... as well as the newest Kate Morton book, 'The Distant Hours', which will be the book I kick off my resolution with (I admit I've read the first chapter and I am already hooked! I love her writing, it sucks you in with the very first page). He knows me so well. :)

Also I've stumbled across this awesome community called books1001  where you can sign up for the 1001 Books Challenge. If you are a reader I strongly suggest you sign up too! Everyone that signs up gets assigned a book from the list of 1001 must read books before you die. You are to read and review that book within the year...(of course you can ask for another book once you've finished with the first one..or second, or third)... and by the end of the year the goal is to have 1001 reviews of the must read books. I'm rather excited about this and signed up right away! Since I've sadly only read 7 of the books on the list I'm excited to see what book will be given to me.... plus I'm hoping it will help keep me motivated to stick to my goal.

So what do you think? Any books you would recommend for me this year?
Any resolutions you've been thinking about this New Years Eve Eve?